The gentle blanket is a weighted blanket which is used instead of a duvet by people who have problems sleeping, like falling asleep or maintaining a deep sleep through the night. It looks like a duvet but has a much higher weight compared to a normal blanket.

The size is 150 x 200 and it has 2 weights available – 6.5 kg and 9 kg. This weight is achieved using all sorts of fillings – our gentle blanket is made with micro glass beads, chemical free and safe to use in close connection with the body. In general, it is designed to be about 8-15% of your body’s own weight, leading to a calming feeling due to the deep pressure stimulation. Ultimately, the blanket triggers the feeling of being hugged, relaxed and sleepy.

Most people use a duvet or a light blanket to cover themselves while they sleep. While this may feel soft and cuddly, the signals this sends to the brain are quite the opposite of helping us calm down and fall asleep. This is where the gentle blanket differs completely – because it has and added weight (hence the name weighted) they trigger in the body what is known as Deep Touch Pressure Stimulation.

When equal pressure is applied on the body, there is a calming effect on the nervous system. This enables an increased production in serotonin and dopamine which are the hormones responsible for making us feel happy, but also decrease cortisol levels, the hormones which are responsible for making feel stressed. Another effect is the natural production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, which regulates sleep.

While some weighted blankets make us feel hot or sweat during the night, our gentle blanket is very breathable keeping a constant temperature. It can be used both during summer and winter. The micro glass beads filling doesn’t make any noise, it is antiallergic and chemical free.

There are a number of filling types available on the market for a weighted blanket. We have chosen to use the most premium option - micro glass beads, finer than sand, antiallergic, silent and chemical free. Each compartment of the blanket is manually filled with an equal amount of micro glass-beads to ensure equal weight distribution on the entire surface and padded in a soft layer of polyester for comfort.

The gentle blanket is produced in the EU with high quality materials. The exterior is 100% durable cotton and the filling is made from tiny glass beads finer than sand which are wrapped in a soft polyester padding. The blanket is handmade to ensure even weight distribution in every chamber. This is very important to achieve the best results.

The Koala Living blanket consists of 2 parts - the blanket and the cover. There are 10 loops sewn directly on the blanket and 10 ties on the cover to ensure that the blanket is securely connected and won’t slip inside.

The material used for the cover and pillowcases is a premium cotton like no other, produced in Romania by a factory with a long tradition. This cotton has a gorgeous texture that gets softer with every use. Each piece of cotton is individually crafted to have a unique texture and coloured with Swiss GOTS certified dyes.

When you buy a gentle blanket you make a long term investment in yourself. Just think about how valuable it is to wake up rested and fresh, ready to start a new day.

Weighted blankets come in many shapes, sizes, materials and fillings. The gentle blanket was created to be lived in and loved for many years so that you can enjoy a better sleep. In terms of size it measures 150 x 200 cm and come in 2 weights – 6.5kg and 9kg.

✔️Peace of mind - Our blankets, covers and pillowcases are 100% made in the E.U. using high quality materials. The gentle blanket comes with a removable cover and 10 connection points which ensure it doesn’t slip inside the cover.

✔️ High quality filling – Instead of plastic, we use tiny glass beads which are finer than sand wrapped in a soft padding of polyester to keep them in place.

✔️ Handmade – Our gentle blanket is handmade to ensure equal weight distribution in all chambers which is important to achieve a better sleep at night.

✔️Premium materials – The materials used for cover and pillowcase are made from 100% premium heavy cotton

✔️Eco-friendly packaging - To avoid the use of plastic and minimise waste, each blanket and cover have their own individual cloth bag made from the same premium cotton material.

Well, mostly anybody who has problems sleeping, falling asleep or wakes up frequently during the night. Originally, weighted blankets have been used by therapists for people with sensory disorders like autism, but for some time now they have also been successfully used to help people with all kinds of sleep disorders. Applying even pressure on the body feels much like being hugged. It sends a specific signal to the nervous system helping us calm and relax. 

There are studies which show that up to 83% of people who use a weighted blanket prefer this method of calming down and 63% reported lower anxiety after use. While we can’t promise that the gentle blanket will have the same effect on everyone, many people who use this type of product slept better with it.

(Source: Journal for Occupational Therapy in Mental Health)

The Gentle Blanket comes in 2 weights – 6.5kg and 9kg.

For best results choose a blanket which is around 8-12% of your bodyweight.  

That’s super easy. Our Gentle Blanket consists of 2 parts – the weighted duvet and the cotton cover.  
Wash the cotton cover at max. 40°C with similar colours and keep in mind that it does not require ironing. We recommend to spot clean the weighted blanket whenever possible. If you do need to wash it, machine wash at max. 30 °C and lay flat to dry. Please check the maximum load of the washing machine first.

It usually takes about 3 days to get used to sleeping with the gentle blanket, but for some people it can also take up to 2 weeks. Should you not feel any improvement after 5 days, use the Gentle Blanket for only a 1-3 hours a day on the couch to relax. Allow your body to relax and feel the benefits of the extra weight. Use it again when sleeping after you got used to it.

The Gentle Blanket is designed with materials what trap heat, so it can be used by hot sleepers as well. The weight comes from micro glass beads wrapped in a thin layer of polyester padding and has a 100% cotton exterior. It is suitable for both summer and winter.

The Gentle Blanket already comes with a cover in the colour of your choice. You can always order more covers in any available colour.

Our current offering doesn’t include weighted blankets dedicated for children use. We are working on a children’s range and hope to release it in the near future.

This type of therapeutic blanket has been successfully used by therapists to treat people who suffer from insomnia, stress, burnout, anxiety, depression, ADD, restless leg syndrome, autism, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson.

While weighted blankets are safe to use, there are a few exceptions:

Children and people under 40kg

People with advanced Type 2 Diabetes

1 x Weighted duvet in a reusable cotton bag

1 x Cotton Cover in a reusable cotton bag