Our Philosophy



A manifest to lead a gentle life

Koala Living is a 100% Romanian business that was created for the sole purpose of helping our customers to sleep better, feel better and live better. We believe that achieving a sense of calm and relaxation in our life starts in our homes, in the bed, on the sofa, making a cup of coffee or preparing a meal. 

Our small collections of essential items are designed for everyday use, to enchant the eye and benefit the body. Our products are meant to be used and loved for years, encouraging a responsible consumption out of  respect for our customers and our planet. 

We stand for quality and effortless, natural beauty in all its aspects. The materials that go into our products are chosen to last and spark joy when used.

Being a 100% family owned business  we try to work as much as possible with other small, local businesses who share our values and respect for the planet. Each item is delivered in eco-friendly, recycled or reusable packaging.

We believe the choices we make have a wider impact. Shopping more responsibly, buying less, but better things that last, having a smaller footprint will benefit us and our environment, We whole-heartedly believe in a world where we are in perfect balance with ourselves, the planet and the people around us. We believe in a world where we can be more gentle and live better.