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Test Heading 2

6. Sam Wagstaff

Sam Wagstaff is an illustrator from North Yorkshire who’s currently studying at Manchester School of Art. He has previously studied photography and graphic design and now works as an illustrator in both physical and digital media. His pen and ink drawings are getting a lot of attention on social media, for all the right reasons. Follow him on Instagram for more inspiration.


7. Tess Smith-Roberts

A graduate from Kingston School of Art, Tess Smith-Roberts is an illustrator based in London who we keep seeing everywhere. She approaches her work with humour, bold shapes, and playful use of colour. Classic still life paintings, "bad dance moves", and food (especially fruit!), are the main inspirations for her work. She also enjoys making editorial illustrations for a variety of international clients, from the Wall Street Journal to The New Yorker. Tess is also one of the co-founders of Still Here, Still Life, the viral weekly still life drawing challenge, which she started in lockdown with friend Zena Kay.