Mini Koala Weighted Blanket & Premium Cotton Cover | Olive Trees

  • 850,00 lei

The Koala Mini is our most versatile Weighted Blanket. It can be used for older children who have a hard time falling asleep, wake up frequently during the night or experience sleep disorders. Adults can use it to relax and unwind on the couch, on the bed or even at the end of a Yoga practice. It can be also easily taken on travels since it doesn’t take up much space.

Its weight is meant to help you or your child relax, feel safe and unwind, easing the transition to sleep. The Weighted Blanket has a similar effect like swaddling a baby - it applies a light pressure which calms them down and creates a comfortable sleep environment. 

Our blanket consists of 2 parts – the weighted blanket and the specially designed cover. There are 8 connection points inside the cover which ensure the blanket won’t slip inside.

The Weighted Blanket has an outer layer made of 100% organic cotton OEKO-TEX and has a filling of very fine micro-glass beads. The Cover is made from premium cotton and is colored with organic dyes GOTS standard. All our products are made in small batches with much attention to detail to ensure you will use it and love it for a long time.

Recommended for children who weigh between 25 Kg - 35 Kg. It can be used by adults for the purpose of relaxation, grounding and stress relief, however adults should choose a heavier version to help them sleep better.

Designed and produced in the E.U.

Blanket - The outer layer is made from 100% organic cotton OEKO-TEX. The filling consists of tiny micro-glass beads finer than sand wrapped in a light layer of polyester padding which keeps them from moving around. Highly breathable and suitable for all seasons because it doesn't trap heat. It has has 10 loops that attach to the cover and ensure it stays in place.  

Cover - Our beautiful covers are made from a unique 100% premium cotton which gets softer and smoother with every use. The fabric is made in Romania in a family-owned factory using a proprietary technique - part industrial, part manual, which creates a unique and airy texture. It is antiallergic, breathable and durable. The coloring is made in small batches using GOTS certified dyes. We use earthy tones that have a calming effect and complement any bedroom. Feel free to mix and match the colors of the cover and pillow cases to obtain the look you want. 

Disclaimer: Because the fabric of the cover is partly obtained through manual work, there may appear small imperfections which add to the uniqueness of each product. 

Please be aware that real live colors can vary slightly depending on your screen. 

Blanket – Spot clean when possible. You can also machine wash at 30°C and lay flat to dry. Please check the maximum load of your washing machine first.

Cover – Wash at max 50°C for Fresh White and Dream Cream and max 30°C for all other colors. We recommend washing with similar colors using detergents without bleach. Add softener to obtain a softer texture. Does not require ironing.