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Our mission is to help you sleep better by creating products we believe are essential in our daily lives to feel and live better. This is our purpose and we take it seriously. We put our heart in soul from the very first prototype to the moment our package arrives at your doorstep.

We produce our weighted blankets here in the European Union gently and with utmost care. Each Koala Weighted Blanket is handmade to ensure it will last for a long time. Each cover and pillowcase is crafted from a unique premium cotton made in Romania. All products are slowly and lovingly packed with reusable or recyclable materials.
Should you want to leave us a review after using the blanket we would highly appreciate it. All you have to do is write to us at hello@koala-living.shop and we will publish it on our website
Take good care of your sleep and he will take care of you.
Miruna & Cristian from Koala Living